John Mayer – Wheel Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Overview 0:15 Link to TAB:
Intro 3:29
Verse1A 9:43
Verse1B 13:53
Verse2 19:22
Chorus1 21:44
Chorus1 Outro 25:35
Verse3 29:08
Chorus2 30:25
Solo 33:03
Bridge 37:23
Verse4 39:24
Chorus3 42:28
Outro 45:17
TAB Playthrough 49:24

This a rare live acoustic version of Wheel he performed at the House of Blues in Hollywood in 2003. There is a youtube (audio only) video of the performance here: uploaded by chaferbud.


  1. Zartimus probably you will never read this but I want you to know that you made a brazilian boy so f*ckin happy with your tutorials. You're my new hero man, thanks SO much

  2. Yo Zarty!! Just posted a cover of this song on my channel with the guitar learnt from you! Any pointers??

  3. I've spent so long with this if I ever see a Jason flick again I'm gonna picture him with this song in his head as he bludgeons fools. I beliiiieve…slash…that my liiiifes gonna see…hack…the loooove I give…stab…retuuuurn to me… Lol

  4. thanks for all your hard work, every single one of your tutorials are incredible

  5. A few hours of my life well spent. Thanks Zartimus!!

  6. You, sir, are awesome

  7. You are the man Zartimus.

  8. Amazing explanation, thank you very much.

  9. youre obviously a teacher, really really great stuff…so much appreciated. thank you!

  10. John Mayer Blue or Folk John

    sucker please

  11. just wanna say thanks for your videos, of all the videos ive seen only yours have benefited. id like to second the request for "why georgia", hoping to push it up on your list…thank you!

  12. Just watch his Stop this train lesson, its the exact same technique, you can find the chords for the song everywhere on youtube

  13. You are doing an awesome job buddy. I love the vibe in this song!

  14. I am partial to tunes that have not appeared on Youtube in lesson form. It's been on the list for awhile.

  15. Could you try and transcribe his split screen sadness acoustic? Or edge of desire acoustic? You're awesome!

  16. I didn't know Saul Goodman made guitar lessons

  17. Thank you so much! So glad I discovered your lessons on youtube. Keep it up:)

  18. zartimus! thanks for the lessons man much appreciated!
    but being a john mayer fan! you have to make a tutorial on this live version of john
    /watch?v=Tui6J3DSnHY ! live version of war of my life! i didnt think anyone else could do it as well as you! much thanks, max!

  19. come on Zartimus if you tab this /watch?v=nP1XCvAIV9A youre god

  20. omg you plan on doing all of the songs I want to learn! Subbed for sure!

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