John Mayer Your Body Is A Wonderland Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Get your Guitar Crate before CHRISTMAS:

We got the afternoon, we got… time to learn Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer on acoustic guitar! Today I’m bringing you a guitar lesson and tutorial and teaching you how to play the main progression played throughout the song, the chords used to play the pre-chorus, and how to play the bridge. Check it out!

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  1. i love that guitar Marty, such a beauty

  2. Dude! Do “rocker” by ac dc! Please please pretty please mr. Marty

  3. Please do some Frightened Rabbit

  4. Zoe Jayne by Staind please.

  5. Marty I love your lessons! I learned how to play Good Riddance and Say You Won't Let Go from your videos! Do you think you could teach us all how to play Ali Gatie – It's You ? Much appreciated sensei, Happy Holiday and keep teaching us the ways!

  6. Awesome lesson can you do John Mayers version of free falling.

  7. Great looking guitar!

  8. Broken, Beat and Scarred

    John Mayer Stop this train pleaseee

  9. Mayer's version of Free Fallin' please and thank you!

  10. Neon?

  11. Hey Marty first thank u very much for your help, I started guitar fresh from the bottom and you helped me trough the first hard steps.
    I appreciate that very much.

    I survived f** cancer this year and remember that I wanna learn how 2 play guitar for my whole life, so I thought it's a good reason to start it.

    I know there's a lot wishes for the next videos and I have one 2 🙂

    "Nights like these" by Lucero.

    There are 3 good reasons for u.
    1 it's a awesome song!
    2 it's easy for beginners and not that fast so u can practice singing while playing guitar.
    3 u would do a guy from Germany a great favour. 😉

    Thx marty!

  12. Dude! Can you play cowboys to girls by the intruders please. It's an awesome song

  13. Hey Marty Show us how to play the connells 74 75

  14. Wow; a lot going on in that song

  15. Please, please, please teach us how to play "Ohio" (Come Back to Texas) by Bowling for Soup the way Jaret Reddick plays it! I have looked all over and find zero tutorials on this.

  16. Marty look tired in the beginning!

  17. Hey Marty! Could you possibly do a video on Jukebox Hero by Foreigner? Thanks!

  18. Sounds out of tune.

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