John Mellencamp – Pink Houses – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Beginner – EASY Song

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John Mellencamp – Pink Houses – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Beginner – EASY Song Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102 papastache
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  1. John Bumgarner

    Could you please do a lesson on – Me and you and a dob named Boo by LOBO

  2. Paper and Fire

  3. Clinton Harris

    that was awesome! ganna have alot of fun learning this I'd love to see a rain on the scarecrow video

  4. Thanks man, great video! Perfect teaching speed for me, I appreciate it.

  5. Nice job breaking it down to where it makes it easy to pick up/learn. Much appreciated.

  6. Thanks for doing this PapastachePop!

  7. Tim Brackenreg

    You still da man Papa!!!!!!! Learnt more from you than any single person on the planet. As a self taught, it feels great to know you take me through with clarity, patience and a positive attitude. Cheers. Happy to buy you a beer for three next time your in Australia.

  8. Holy shit, man, I just picked up my guitar for the first time in 4 years, and this was the perfect song to get me back into it, and the teaching was so good, especially for a video instruction, it was as if he was really in front of me instructing me…subscribed.

  9. first time watching your channel n just subscribed . any lesson on jack and diane

  10. Hey how about this request: I'll Be by Edwin McCain

  11. So this is my 1st video I've seen of yours. The intro completely got me. I like your vibe. Thanks!

  12. Cosmic Connection

    thanks again papa

  13. Thank you for making it fun, and look easy. I've been watching several of your videos and love your style, it brings me back again and again! Thanks again!

  14. Please do one for Paper in Fire, if you haven't already. Your take on the cadd9 and the f after it rocks all other versions out there!

  15. Steviedreadio Him

    A1 Sound….!

  16. steviedreadio HIM

    very super entusiazzmo….!    FAR OUT….Man…!

  17. What shirt color do you have on? Love It! Great job!

  18. Bergen County Assassins

    You are awesome!! you'e taught me over ten songs in my first four months of playing guitar! Never stop making videos man

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