Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry (Full Electric Guitar Lesson)

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Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry (Full Electric Guitar Lesson)



It’s taken me a sweet while to put this together but here it is! Just had to find some hours in the day to film and edit!

Thanks to “Jeff Hunt” & “Michael Torres” for requesting this video to be made!

Once more, thanks SO much to everyone for subscribing, the speed this channel is building at is still a bit mad to me! You’re all awesome and I love talking to you all!

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  1. Loads of lessons on YouTube with this song. This is one of the better ones. Clean view of the whole guitar. Well paced without being rushed. Easy to follow and well explained

  2. I just subscribed to your channel after watching this lesson and listening to your cover of it. Awesome guitar playing and awesome lesson! I love this song and hope to be able to play it one day!

  3. So useful you put up a tab with your lesson vids.
    Great tutorial, thanks!

  4. Great tutorial again!

  5. awesome job with the lesson and the performance! My question is, what kind of backing track do you use? You just play over the song and make your guitar louder in the mix, or you have a track with the guitar removed? Thanks!

  6. your lessons are excellent! thanks for posting.

  7. nice one Sped,What guitar should I use to practice this, Strat' Gretch 6120 or Peerless gigmaster with p90 pickups?
    The offer of a pint in moon under water watford still stands if ur down here sometime.

  8. The legend is back with yet another feast for us guitarnivores

  9. That awesome hair, Those guitar skills. You truly are the guitar god I worship Sped. You`ve been a huge inspiration for the art of guitar in my life and it would be a true honor reciving a guitar pick from you.Phenomenal work as always.

  10. One of the best-known guitar riff ever

  11. MASSIVE RESPECT Sped, wow, be careful with that axe Eugine I have a track to learn. Thanks dude, love this track, your lessons are alway true to the original, Jeff out.

  12. youre a beast mate

  13. man I want to learn from you..btw I'm from India …any Skype classes????

  14. Dude love all yours videos man you I've been playing guitar for about 6 months now and when I learned the force awakens theme from you it really made me feel like a good guitarist so thanks mate.

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