Johnny B. Goode Guitar Lesson – Chuck Berry – Famous Riffs

Johnny B. Goode Guitar Lesson - Chuck Berry - Famous Riffs

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The opening riff and solo to “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry, is perhaps one of the most famous guitar intros in all of rock history.

This Johnny B. Goode guitar lesson series will teach you the entire intro, all the chords and main guitar solo to this song which was one of the first great rock guitar songs.

The opening riff definitely has it all. We have a bunch of fast double-stops, slides, alternate picked single note lines, palm muting, rapid bends and even a little sweep picking thrown in for good measure.

Now that might sound like a lot but don’t worry, this Johnny B Goode intro lesson is still great for any intermediate or above level player to learn. I suggest taking your time and learning the entire intro phrase by phrase like it is taught in the video lesson. That will allow your hands to memorize all of those notes that are flying by so fast.

In the second video lesson I will demonstrate how to play that classic rock chord progression made so famous by Chuck Berry. These chord forms do require a pretty large stretch so make sure your hands are nice and warmed up before practicing them. Also in this video lesson, I will show you the little fills he does in each chorus.

For the third and last video lesson I will demonstrate and note-for-note breakdown of Chuck Berry’s killer guitar solo. Just like the intro solo, he uses many different techniques and really raised the bar for rock guitarists at the time it was released.

I hope you guys have as much fun learning as I did teaching it!

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  1. Love your videos.

  2. We all know everyone who dislikes these lesson vids can't play guitar

  3. you said easy lol

  4. Why there is dislike ?

  5. Bluesboy Jag Cigar Box Guitars

    couple of crazy stuff

  6. You’ve always had great lessons, thanks for your talent and what you do.

  7. Dude you are seriously the best guitar teacher on this website. Keep it up man I learn almost everything from you. And I hope you do better from your ear thing. Recover fast man God bless

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    wow cool

  9. What amp setting to use please thank YOU

  10. Hold on while I try to figure out what friggin' KEY you're in!

  11. lol when i tried to slow your video down i put it back to normal because your voice is scary

  12. Just wanted to say thanks! Ive ended up on your videos a couple of times to work out the more tricky riffs i cant work out by ear. Good lessons, very handy for a cover band guitarist. You have saved me hours of work. Thanks!

  13. Walker Pendleton

    Can you do this on a acoustic guitar

  14. can you give lesson for the jimi version please??

  15. Is it just me or does Chuck Berry use the same notes that go with the 1 chord over all 3 chords when doing his solo leads ? I was sure I was getting a handle on theory until now lol

  16. Hi Carl! Thanks for all this lesson, I've been learning to play since August this year and this has helped me a lot! Lots of love!

  17. Vít Skřívánek

    Could you make ,,Friends'' by Blake Shelton?

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