Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues – Guitar Lesson – How to Play the Intro

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  1. You look like if custom grow 420 went down the music route instead

  2. I could have swore a live version I listen to uses it in the ending. I will pay more attention next time I hear it.

  3. Jèssè William Mac Dougall

    awesome video!

  4. Why would you add your "county riff" when the guy who invented this sound didn't use it? There's no need to ham it up. It takes away from the original. It doesn't make it better. Like painting lipstick on the Mona Lisa… No… Just… no…

  5. I hear the a' train coming round the bend

  6. nice. how bout some Cody Jinks?

  7. That was brilliant for me!!!

  8. tim pierce ca literally play any genre. usually he likes to play the mainstream pop and newer rock but wow didn't know he played the blues. hes a beeeeeast

  9. Filmed with potato

  10. That second lick appears NOWHERE on any version of Cash doing this song. The intro is ALMOST right. Your "classic country riff" does not belong and appears nowhere in the song. I agree that a student needs to know that lick, but not on this song. The rhythm needs to be wayyyy more muted. You are playing wayyyy more than Luther was probably even capable of.

  11. what chord does bob use as the "expensive,dollar signs" ending before marty goes to just sounds so the lessons whether dvd,or youtube.more country stuff p0lease.

  12. Marty I would really love to see a smiths/Morrissey tutorial other than "there is a light.." Something that sounds good acoustically too, surprising lack of acoustic the smiths tutorials on YouTube! Help me out man

  13. The Heritage is made in Kalamazoo< MI is the old Gibson bldg. It was started by some former Gibson employers that did move with Gibson. I believe that are still available and they are pricey but top of the line guitars. Here is a ling to the Heritage Web Site you can find current models here. I think  they are absolutely beautiful guitars. A couple of friends have them and they have tone to spare. 

  14. Line 6 spider IV 75 WATT has the amp setting for this song and its amazing just so you know go to song on the screen then 1960 5 clicks on the nob and your set. Just a heads up if you have this amp. Highly recommend this amp. Its great I had the 15 watt before it broke down on me in about 2 years had many problems with sound on the 15 and so far none with the 75 it sounds great. Little guitar tip.

  15. Marty's guitar is a heritage.  I don't think they make them anymore, so you'd have to find one used.  I think they are pricey.

  16. what kind of guitar does marty have and how can i get one

  17. I like the lesson I actually learned something.THANKS!!

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