Johnny Cash – Hurt – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – FULL SONG – Drue James

Acoustic guitar lesson for Hurt by Johnny Cash. This beginners tutorial shows you the whole song and has a great blend of picking and chord strumming. Subscribe for 2 new lessons every week:

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  2. Great! Thanks! Any chance to get more Beatles and their solo career stuff? Or maybe Julian Lennon?

  3. Robert Lovegrove Photogrpahy

    Hello DJ,
    Question for you. What are the BPM for this amazing song.

  4. you have a beautiful voice

  5. Dru, can you suggest another tune for me to learn which is very much like "Hurt" however with lyrics which are a little less dark? Again, thanks for the great lessons!

  6. do stairway to heaven please

  7. Nice lesson, thanks.

  8. Мариян Иванов

    Great video Drue. I love your channel. I'd appreciate it if you could make a lesson on Kamelot – A Sailorman's Hymn.

  9. LegendaryNippleTwister

    Can you make a lesson on this > Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow (Hey Oh)

  10. Charlie Hjellström

    awesome lesson as always!
    can you do "when the children cry" by white lion.
    great song with great picking

  11. Try just moving the c shape up the neck to a d :)

  12. Do you think you can make a video on Keaton Henson's "Small Hands"?

  13. funny.. I did hope yesterday that this song should come out from you in here.. very nice :)

  14. Thank you so much. You have such a nice voice

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