Johnny Cash – Hurt – Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson – Easy Acoustic Song

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  1. What does the numbers and x mean ?

  2. Amazing tutorial.

  3. What's a good biggener brand guitar to start with

  4. you're the bomb

  5. Nice job man. Your easy to follow along with

  6. Because of you I can now play my favorite song when I was kid! You put serious time and effort into these videos and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you Marty!

  7. sounds like faded


  9. I'm learning this for LOGAN
    Cuz he must not be forgoten!

  10. what are you in for?

  11. it has been 2 weeks i got a guitar in my hands and i can play this because of you THANKS!!

  12. This is one of those songs where if I'm like "I need to cry for a few mins" I play it. throw in R.E.M's "Everybody Hurts" and Micheal Jackson's "Man I'm the Mirror". Shit a baby doesn't sleep that good after. <—- Fight Club reference

  13. Dude you're amazing! Thank you so much

  14. Get uр tо 1000$ short tееrm loаn hеrее =>

  15. Ulises Rafael Molluso

    genius! thanks, will try it! very well explain 😉 like and suscribing 😉

  16. no its trent reznor

  17. I'm adding this to my saved list because my grandson wants to learn to play. your awesome thanks

  18. Never mind I know

  19. Thu Chiquito Leoncito !!! :D

    Please give me the chords

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