Jonas Brothers – Sucker – Guitar Lesson (Easy)

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  1. Thanks for watching MartyMusic! I also have a ton of FREE courses at my site

  2. can u do bohemian rhapsoy part3

  3. the breakin gamer

    Can you please do the killer queen solo

  4. actually like the way it sounds being played by you than i do from the jonas brothers.

  5. Can you do a song called Broken by Josh A? It’s a nice song and I can’t find any tutorials anywhere and I’d really like to learn

  6. Hey can you pls do frozen brains telk no tales from buckethead pls

  7. Bad seamstress blues by Cinderella


  8. Hey Marty please do a lesson on white summer I have been eagerly waiting

  9. mylifeisbillieilish

    Can you do sunflower by county Rex orange

  10. Caleb Vandergriff

    Can you do a Gary Clark Jr lesson!

  11. Hi, Marty. Been subscribed to your amazing channel for over a year now, keep it up. Would you consider doing a lesson finger tapping?

  12. My drug buddy- the lemonheads, can’t find a tutorial anywhere

  13. More deep purple(i kinda like them)

  14. Aye Marty I've been trying to figure out Who Made Who by AC / DC for a while and I can't get it quite right, could you teach it?

  15. Hey Marty…Guitar: Taylor what? Amp?

  16. Can you play a pillow of winds by pink floyd

  17. Hi my names grayden and i learned how to play guitar on fender play.

  18. Nice job ! Could you please make a guitar lesson of "i want it all" from queen ?

  19. Naughtius Maximus

    Marty boy could you please teach us love of my life by queen. Love your channel btw you've taught me so many great tracks. Much love.

  20. Please do a tutorial on Despacito!

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