Journey – Don't Stop Believing – Super Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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  1. Lachlan Revolver

    marty, what guitar are you using

  2. viva united state of america yea do it


  3. great song easy and nice

  4. Good video man

  5. What the hell kind of hat is that it must be an imposter

  6. Nikhil Sorokhaibam

    Hello marty… Could you do a tutorial of faithfully by journey.. Pls

  7. I need cher marty!!! If i could turn back time!!!

  8. They all sound like phone numbers. Lol. 😉

  9. Bellouze Bedreddine

    the beginning is almost the same as U2's with or witout you

  10. Never mind about that last request Marty. I obviously missed the end of the video. I see that you have Tabbed it out for us. lol Thanks again! Mel

  11. Great stuff mate. Blessings from australia

  12. Phan.Ryden.Destiel

    The first part sounded like Drive By by Train XD

  13. Hey Marty, thankyou for all your videos! :] You're an incredible guitarist. Please could you do a tutorial for True Colours by Cyndi Lauper? Thankyou so much!!! 😀

  14. Hi Marty. Fantastic teacher but you never fail to make me smile. Thanks Dave

  15. Hi Marty, some huw the wy you teach and put the lesson realy helps me to play my gitaar, i am 52 now and dremt all my life of plaing gitaar, but i have a learning problem (so pleas excuse my speling), my Wife (i love her dearly) bought and stuk a gitaar in my hands 5 jears ago and she found you on intenet about 4 jears ago, its bean togh and slow, but its going wel, im back with you on internet and am ready to go futher, i toek the time toe learn how the gitaar is put together and understand how it werks evey fret and snare, now jus repetishion, lessons and rithem Thanks a lot

  16. pretty Nice teaching simple, realistic level…. to sing it.

  17. hello,great stuff started getting yours and justins books dvds,more like a comedy dou lol which helps me chill ans feel comfortable playing.Well wouldnt quiet call it playing but got to keep going the acustic is my lifesaver,,want to play so many memory songs thanks andrew

  18. "super easy"

  19. The Guitar Jams animation about half way through was my favorite part

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