Journey – Stone In Love – Electric Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross

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This is a guitar lesson on “Stone In Love” by “Journey” taught/instructed by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from and…I am available for studio session work and touring…­­­­ Feel free to subscribe to my channel.Thanks,MG


  1. hi, do you have the end of the song solo too?

  2. almost every time I search for leads or riffs I grew up on I come across you mike…and as a player the same age n having the same time invested in the instrument ….I can confidently say your alright bro …I always sample your stuff n I completely dig your vibe n what your trying to pass on…keep it up ..your are a true ambassador from our time…thanx for keeping it real …I see it …even if others dont…peace

  3. Too bad journey is acting like BITCHES, taking down their tabs from websites….guess they don't want people playing their music! Guess they sold out to corporate america.

  4. I play B/D after the D before the Csus

  5. can you do the solo

  6. Back in black lmao

  7. Cool video I wish I could play guitar

  8. THANKS, Mike.  Owned my guitar for a week – never played in my life – can't believe I'm (almost) getting this lesson.

  9. Thanks, man! Great lesson.

  10. Great lesson. One of the best I've seen here on the tube.

  11. A good song IS a good song. Excellent lesson thank you. 

  12. A good song IS a good song. Excellent lesson thank you. 

  13. richard somerville

    great message man!!!

  14. WOW….You have the exact same tatt on your right arm like me….FRIGHTENING:) 

  15. Great Job !!
    And i agree …. a good song is a good song !!
    Neil Schon is a great player that deserves respect imo ….

  16. You do a great job!!!!!!!!!

  17. me too brutha

  18. I dig that guitar Mike. Very cool sound.

  19. Probably best rock song by Journey. Thank you Mike!

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