Judas Priest – Electric Eye – Guitar Lesson Part 2 (Intro, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus)

This lesson covers the first half of rhythm, from intro through the 1st chorus, right before the solo begins.
All rights belong to Judas Priest
I do not own the rights to any of the music. This video is for educational purpose.
Electric Eye is the 2nd track from the album Screaming For Vengenance

INTRO 0:23
VERSE 7:59
CHORUS 14:06

At about the 17:42 mark, I talk about how I figure out the accurate chords to play and what position to use. Basically, I learn the song first, then I watch live videos on Youtube of Judas Priest performing the songs, and try to figure out the correct position and to verify the chords. Often times I don’t see it clearly and I will have to piece it together based on certain view. Even if the camera is in the back of the guitar, I can still make out where the fret hand is positioned to give me ideas to where KK and Glenn are playing it. There are also a lot of current videos with Richie Faulkner playing and those are very visual too.


  1. I've been struggling on this one for awhile, gave up, then today decided to search and try again. Found this video of my favorite priest song (and uploaded on my birthday nonetheless, You are awesome!

  2. You went all out as always my friend. I now know what I am doing all weekend with my spare time! Thanks for the post and outstanding work that you put in. I know we are all glad you share these works of art with us.

  3. Yes Sonny !! Awesome stuff now I can learn this

  4. Great song choice & an amazing lesson thanks Sonny

  5. Hey Sonny,
    Killer song!! They don't make them like this anymore.
    Superb Lesson!! You are a great teacher my friend!!

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