Juke Box Hero by Foreigner – 80’s Guitar Lesson

Juke Box Hero by Foreigner - 80's Guitar Lesson

Here’s a quick lesson on how to play Juke Box Hero by Foreigner. This is a classic. Quickly learn the chords, and rhythm to this song. Looking for more help with guitar? Go to: http://www.yourguitarsage.com today.

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  1. im gonna try this with my Strat. Hope it sounds fine.

  2. What is your voice

  3. Hey rockstars!! Check out my free online course at: http://www.yourguitarsage.com/30

  4. You should teach the solo

  5. ahh a song is soo easy to learn when its sooo fun!!!

  6. Good lesson. It was very helpful and funny. You remind me of Deadpool or Ryan Renolds. 😀

  7. Great Video on how to play this song,  thank you!!!

  8. do me a favor? lol look up the game Rocksmith and how it plays the part at 6:02 in this video. i cant figure out for the life of me how to get the rythem down. its horrendous…

  9. terrible tutorial. even when you say what you're hitting i still don't understand. i know power chords and everything you just don't make sense. and you keep interrupting yourself mid sentence to play guitar.

  10. I'd forgotten about this great song, gonna have to give it a shot with my band…!! Thanks for posting and I gotta say it makes a change for tutorials that get straight down to it without going into endless minute details. Top job ..!!

  11. I put a classic guitar into drop d and it sounded great!

  12. GeorgeHarrison'sGirl

    Awesome tutorial! I'm playing this for my second gig and this helps a LOT! Now all I have to do is master the solo 😉

  13. Mate. You have a new subscriber. Your personality and humour is 'flippin refreshing. Rock on.

  14. Stephan Holzberger

    I love outtakes.

  15. Hey man I think I saw u on stage at the crossroads…  Ill be down there next weekend.  Hope to see you around

  16. Excellent Sir!

  17. Yay i love this song ! Thanx eric.

  18. Congratulations friend for another great video. Big thumbs up¡¡¡¡. Greetings from Spain and have a nice Weekend: Javier

  19. I have a little Itty bitty request. As always I love your videos and the e book has helped lots. The song I'm requesting Is Nickelcreek -somebody more like you. I'd love to see a breakdown of this song and how you would play it. Thanks for your time, Keep Rockin!

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