Just 2 Chords – Playing The Changes Guitar Lesson – Includes Rhythm and Lead – Guitar Lesson EP309

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play the chord changes and improvise over a jam track that has only 2 chords. Can be played on acoustic or electric guitar.

To view the Part 2 video, download the tablature, the MP3 jam tracks and the rhythm video – visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/just-2-chords-play-chord-changes-using-just-2-chords-rhythm-lead-ep309/
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  1. Thelonious Coltrane

    No FREE tabs on screen?!
    That is just selfish.
    Greatness is depleted when one
    is selfish.

  2. You're brilliant as always, Brian.

  3. Another great lesson Bri , the theory about 6ths and 9ths , big lightbulb moment , thanks Vin U.K.

  4. @ 7:43 Relative to the lesson of playing in "E"…arent you actually playing it in the key of "C" as the "G would be the 5th the F the fourth and so on??

    and thanks for another great lesson

  5. You have a very coherent way of teaching and solid info for going from beginner to intermediate levels. I'll be looking at your other videos! I think that little E chord lick was from Claptons "Lonely Stranger".

  6. thank you for this great lesson

  7. Definitely going to subscribe to your lessons i really really enjoy them and i agree with other comments your free content is phenomenal. Thank you

  8. Brian, you're not only a brilliant player but you serve us a platter full of goods every week with your lessons, the quality of your teaching method and all the materials you provide is outstanding! This lesson is a perfect example. The bonus rhythm breakdown alone is worth the price of admission, thank you for your dedication 🙂

  9. Physics Tips For Cambridge Students

    Simply the best guitar teacher!

  10. Randall P. McMurphy

    My best friend has a 1942 OO17 and the matching 017. Actually, he owns 17 Martins dating from a 1856 New York made parlor size (original case!) to a new Belleza Bianca. I'm very fortunate that he lets me play them! I like your teaching style very much. Thank you!

  11. Hell Yeah!!!

  12. Brian, you are like the superman of music. Mild mannered accountant Brian by day, guitar god from outer space by night

  13. Grand Ole'Opry with Brian playing there

  14. This has been my Saturday morning for sometime now. The free content is 5 star content because of this I have been able to point lots of friends to Brian's channel.

  15. Hey Brian, I am very curious! What kind of strings have you got on that guitar? Are they maybe flatwounds? They sound very good on that guitar!

  16. Another real fine little tune Brian! And that's also a very fine and meaty sounding little guitar you've got there! I'd love to hear you playing some swing rhythms on that! Thank You Very Much!

  17. Love your work.

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