JUST FRIENDS – Chord Melody Guitar LESSON – incl. TABS!

Detailed and well explained CHORD MELODY guitar lesson on JUST FRIENDS. Incl. free TABS!
Easy – intermediate level with some nice modern sounds.

TABS: https://www.sandrasherman.com/tabs/Just-Friends-easy-chord-melody.pdf

Chord melody is a style of playing, where the chords and melody are played simultaniously. It sounds very impressive and there is no need for other instruments.

JUST FRIENDS – Solo Guitar Lesson :
I made an easy to intermediate solo guitar arrangement of Just Friends, that should be doable for most people. If you have been into jazz guitar for awhile this guitar instrumental shouldn`t be a problem at all. If you`re a newbie, maybe you want to check my beginner friendlier chord melody lessons here on my channel.

JUST FRIENDS guitar chords :
There are plenty of awesome jazz guitar chords in this tutorial. I`ve also thrown in some more sophisticated contemporary jazz chords for Just Friends chords on guitar.

JUST FRIENDS guitar tabs:
As you can see in the above link, I`m providing you with tabs for my Just Friends chord melody guitar lesson. Please don`t hesitate to contact me if you find an error.

I hope you like my chord melody guitar tutorial of Just Friends.

I love getting your song requests, so keep em coming.
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  1. Guitarversum Sandra Sherman

    What songs or topics do you want me to teach you? Keep the request coming!

  2. Juan Enrique Fernández Romar

    I suggest "If I had you" or "Georgia on my mind". Thanks for your lessons Sandra.

  3. Li´l Darlin , written by Niel Heafty, Would be nice to learn. 🙂

  4. A Merry, Merry Christmas to You, Sandra. And thank You for bringing Guitarplaying to a completely new level. I hope You never will be tired of making these beautiful arrangements for us to learn. 🙂

  5. Hi Sandra,thanks again for this lesson! I wish you a merry christmas and very healthy abd musically new year!! Greetings,Ron

  6. city of stars i know it in piano put it sounds really nice on guitar

  7. Erling Johansson

    Tack för detta,är alltid intresserad av chord melody ! Merry Christmas !

  8. Thank you for another winning chord melody lesson. Sandra, do you use flat wound Strings, and if so, what gauge ( light, medium light, medium) would you recommend for our (struggling intermediate) level of play. Thanks again for all! Suggestion: "Our Day Will Come"

  9. Thanks for another winning Jazz Standard to add to my chord melody playlist! Your lessons have been a blessing for me. Thank you!

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