Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars – Super Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. you are awesome and funny and I appreciate all your help 🙂  Rachel

  2. Daniel Villarreal

    simple yeah it sounds awesome

  3. Milton Alexander

    Marty Schwartz I have watched many many guitar lessons from different people and you are by far the best, don't ever stop!

  4. i'm having trouble in Bm can't get in the right tone

  5. i didn't got the ebook on your website

  6. Love the little jingle for the strumming pattern! It has helped me a lot! Thanks for the upload! :)

  7. melvintom23 @gmail.com

  8. Димитър Димитров

    send pls :)

  9. I dont have that thingy that's holding the strings and in my guitar it sounds horrible D:

  10. thank you, now i can play this song :D

  11. Thanks very much for your vids Marty. I have learned a lot!

  12. Marty you have helped me a lot and i appreciate your vids. Keep rocking.


  14. Stupid barchords i hate them so much!

  15. Nice I like this

  16. Nice

  17. I love your vibe m8. good lesson

  18. E-book , Thank you

  19. LOL! the last ones funny! XD

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