Kaleo – All The Pretty Girls Acoustic Guitar Lesson

A catchy song from a band on the way up. Kaleo – All The Pretty Girls Acoustic Guitar Lesson
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  1. Thanks dude

  2. Cameron Johnston

    great vid but the capo is on the first fret. thanks mate

  3. Thank you man, from Brazil!

  4. SBZperformance

    my favorite song, but i can't get down the harder part. but the harder part is what makes it sound so good

  5. sirgorasheckley

    thnx a lot 🙂

  6. great! thankss

  7. Thank you so much !! Helped me out a lot . Thank you x

  8. Thank you, very good tutorial! It took me 20 minutes to learn the song, your a good teacher my friend.

  9. kennymckittrick

    Definitely sounds more like with that capo on the first, also in the intro there is 3 riffs, not just 2. You have to do one on the C chord as well, not just the 2 on the AM

  10. where are your fingers when you play that F chord

  11. thanks, helped me a lot!

  12. The Roar Within

    Check out my cover 🙂

  13. Thank you so much it's a very good explication and I like this song

  14. great lesson! thank you

  15. @Fickle Mistress I love your kaleo tutorials! Could you do a tutorial on I walk on Water by them? I'm just starting with the guitar and it's one of my favorite songs by them!

  16. Hey @FickleMistress, can you make a tutorial of vor í vaglaskógi ?

  17. Camille Bruelhart

    hey really good teaching 🙂 thank you

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