Kaleo – I Can’t Go On Without You Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Another great song from these rising stars.
Kaleo – I Can’t Go On Without You

Intro lesson starts @ 1:02
Verse/Bridge Chorus @ 6:04
Final Chorus @ 9:18
Outro @ 10:39
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  1. You should do flow by Shawn james

  2. Daniel Forchtner

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! It's easy to learn by you. Bravo!

  3. Hey is it just me or in the picking of the Em playing the chord is really unnecessary?

  4. Hey man, your videos are awesome, thanks for uploading! I'm definitely going to subscribe.

  5. Mike in the prairie

    great vid

  6. thank you so much dog

  7. does anyone have chords and strum pattern for ukulele?
    would love that!!

  8. Thanks man, this tutorial helped a ton.

  9. Someone who can play, how refreshing:)

  10. shannon waddell

    absolutely amazing tutorial ! helped me out SO much! best tutorial by far! thank you so much for making this video! would you be able to make one for "save yourself" by them as well.

  11. I loved this! (It really helped me out) Do you think you'll do "Save Yourself" ?

  12. Do a tutorial on "A new beginning" – Wolfies just fine, please

  13. I've been waiting for this tutorial for so long ! Great tutorial, also I hope it's not too much to ask but could you do vor 铆 vaglaslog铆 ?

  14. Very helpful ! Thank you !
    Great explanations step by step it鈥檚 very clear
    A lesson for save yourself by kaleo would be nice 馃槈

  15. Keep up the videos they are great man and your covering great songs too.

  16. hey man would love a tutorial for vor 铆 vaglask贸gi- kaleo version! whats the chances?

  17. Hey man, thanks for making these vids! We have very similar tastes in music – Kaleo is my favorite band at the moment

  18. you are phenomenal my dude. Keep it up!

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