Kaleo – Way Down We Go Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn to play a fun and easy song from a band that is on the rise. Kaleo – Way Down We Go


  1. Broken bones

  2. this is great, but how to play with right hand

  3. а ясно

  4. где бой ???

  5. da solo?

  6. please do a tutorial for broken bones by kaleo there's not one on YouTube yet, thanks.

  7. R. Holden Wingerter

    you should really make a capo video. Also you're a note lower than the actual song

  8. Could you try Save Yourself by Kaleo? I just found it and kt sounds really good.

  9. Could you please do I can't go on without you there's no other tutorial on YouTube and I can't seem to figure it out :/

  10. Thanks man, this is a great and easy video to follow. I went to subscribe and realised I had already subscribed!

  11. Just subbed, great tutorials! If you could post one for I Can't Go on Without You, you would be my hero.

  12. been waiting for this thx you so much! you're the best


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