Kesha – Praying – Super Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How to Play

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Hey guys Marty here from MartyMusic, happy Monday 🙁
Anyway, I haven’t done a super contemporary lesson in awhile, nor an easy acoustic one. I’m happy to bring both together in a Voltron of Easy strumming for you. I present “Praying” by Kesha.

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  2. Can you please tutorial on in the meantime by Spacehog on a electric guitar

  3. could u pls do a tutorial on final masquerade by linkin park

  4. Hey Marty! I love your videos very easy to follow.Can you please make a lesson on how to play Althea by The Greatful Dead, it would be most appreciated!

  5. Can you teach hippies and cowboys by cody jinks

  6. Hey Marty great video as always, but can you make a video about hottentot by John scofield please?

  7. Pratyaksh Gautam

    Do neon by John Mayer please!

  8. Thank you for making learning the guitare fun and easy. You really are a good instructor. Can you pleas teach us all my life by kc and jojo.

  9. Can u do "the night begins to shine." Please.

  10. Hey Marty! Can you do an About Today by the National lesson?

  11. Can you do a Escape from Hellview by CKY lesson? I cant find a good video ANYWHERE. I would really appreciate it brotha! Rock on man!

  12. cornelius van boven

    bleed it out lesson would be cool i want to learn it to impress somebody that a fan of linking park

  13. Please do a tutorial for "come join the murder" by White Buffalo

  14. Can you do 'Drift & Die' or 'Blurry' by Puddle of Mudd please?

  15. hey marty think u could do some travis picking lessons mayb some john prine songs thx!

  16. Marty, could you please do a video for 'closer to the heart'. You're the only teacher online that plays with a 12string. Would be appreciated love from Canada bro you rock m/

  17. Any chance you can do a lesson on "won't get fooled again", pretty please

  18. Teach us how to play puff daddy come with me

  19. Do hotel California solo

  20. Can you do Unforgiven II by Metallica, please? 🙂

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