Key to the highway – Guitar lesson by Joe Murphy

“Key to the highway”guitar lesson.
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In this lesson I take a look at the classic track “Key to the highway” there are many versions of the song. In this video I take a look at the Big Bill Broonzy version and the Eric Clapton version. I also take a look at how you can incorporate licks into your playing, so there is quite a lot you can take from this lesson.

“Mississippi River Blues” lesson:


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  1. Thanks so much Joe!
    Great lesson and you are a very good teacher…really appreciate it!

  2. Well done great style

  3. After re reading my comment I should of said “ this is the part when he starts to talk about finger pattern” so if I upset you I’m sorry you forget sometimes that people learn in different stages

  4. Cheers

  5. I’ve watched about 12 minuets of the video and it’s the only part where he’s talking about the finger picking patterns

  6. Ha ! i wore my fave denim shirt with dual button holes way back 80s and it truly was a trend..class A teacher here folks..hum dinger. John Thailand.

  7. Hey man, great lesson, watched a few of yours and you’re a good teacher. Keep it up. As for the previous comment "recommendation, play the song first so we know what we are aiming for" cheeky fucker, you’re doing this for free, but free ain’t enough for some folk.

  8. Just want to mention that Little Walter did the definitive modern version in the 50's.

  9. I am a bit puzzled that the term "8 bar blues " has not even been pronounced! Understanding the chord progression of a song is crucial.
    It seems to me that this online teacher avoids, like many others, music theory because he's afraid this could scare off viewers.

  10. Recommendation: Play the song first so we know what we are aiming for.

  11. Hey Joe;…..where y goin wit da guitar in yo hand????

  12. Another great lesson by JM. Thanks Mate

  13. Nice explanation Joe .. I have never in my musical life tried to learn any song note for note & I don't do covers as I write my own stuff .. but I do look to the old blues guy's for inspiration & having watched a lot ! of bad " How to " channels . I like your style . Thanks .. all the best

  14. Great Lesson, Joe.

  15. Thanks joe

  16. Great lesson Joe! Thats Sunday sorted

  17. BlindLemonMeringue

    great lesson, very clear picture, good lighting, clear vocals, good explanations, patient approach, thank you. I will be practicing those licks between the rhythm. Love the blues, more please along these lines.

  18. Thank you Joe, I can use it,, I would love a lesson where you break down the use of triplets in this kind of blues, thx again.

  19. Great lesson! Thanks!

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