Khalid – Young, dumb and broke: Acoustic Guitar Lesson 🎸

Acoustic Guitar Lesson on how to play Khalid – Young dumb and broke on acoustic guitar. Beginner-Intermediate lesson with chords and strumming.

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Licks, Tricks, my gigging life, solos. Motivation,

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This lesson is for Beginner to Intermediate players. I teach you the chords and the strumming. I tend to start from the beginning of the song and work through the whole thing section by section.



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    Things You’ll Learn:
    – Networking
    – Soloing
    – Improvising
    – Sight Reading
    – Music Theory
    – Advanced Chords
    – How to get PAID to play guitar
    – Techniques
    – Using a Loop Pedal

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  2. Can't work the strumming out.. is it in 8/4?

  3. You're good

  4. Your explanation of the rhythm is extremely confusing. The down up down up thing that you show on the screen is not like the one you are saying in the video.

  5. I like this video

  6. Saya ambil buff

  7. Waritsara Chinawong


  8. literal legend- thank u so much! ( so easy to follow, w/o being too basic, and sounds like the song )

  9. pleaae cover this

  10. Ehhfff~

  11. The tutor sounds like The Fray's Isaac Slade when he sing.

  12. Que bien que cantas

  13. กำลังหัด555

  14. juliusphilip candelaria

    you dont know wtf ….

  15. cool

  16. Kurt Anjelo Aguinaldo

    Young lando highschool kid
    Han ka agtartaray yay yay
    Han ka agtartaray yay yay

  17. Thank you , great lesson!

  18. I’m getting confused bc of the capo because I don’t have one …so I guess Im young dumb and kinda broke on getting a capo?

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