Killer Bass Exercise to Build Your Technique, Fluidity and Harmony Chops // Scott’s Bass Lessons

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In this lesson I’m going to show you one of my all time favourite technique exercises, deconstruct it piece by piece and also show you how you can apply it within your solo lines.

The great thing about this exercise is that not only does it really push your string crossing techniques to the limit – but by mastering it you will also learn all of the arpeggios that are within the major scale, all in one fingering position!

This exercise is great for your technique, your string crossing, and your harmony chops too. Three birds with one stone!

Ooo… and make sure you watch it to the end, as I also show you how you can take this exercise and start applying it to your solo lines too – it’s super fun.

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂


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  1. plicking ham?

  2. Scott great lessons here! Thank you for all free content. I like many other viewers have a slightly hard time seeing what you are actually playing. I in all honesty think the glove has a lot to do with it. I watch other lessons and dont have the same problem. If that's the purpose of the glove, to rely on hearing rather then sight, its brilliant. Again, thanks for the videos!

  3. I thought it was Maj, min, min, Maj, Maj, min, Dim… wtf

  4. The Pbass sounds sweet

  5. Legend. Cheers for the lesson mate!

  6. HA NO WAY! after watching your videos I started practicing that for myself last night !!! Thanks for the vids they are great.

  7. Anybody here using a glove to play? Thoughts on that?

  8. I love everything about about your lessons except the refusal to use the established term for a diminished interval. What's a flat fifth? No such thing. It's a diminished fifth or an augmented fourth. Aaaaugh… Otherwise, amazing and useful stuff. And yes I correct people's grammar, too…

  9. Anh nói tiếng việt
    Cảm ơn

  10. Scott from this lesson I just came up with an ascending and descending arpeggiated take of these chords or a slight modification of some notes and it comes out sounding very classical and its quite astounding considering Im not a bass player but from this one lesson It just opened my head right up and seeing the chord shapes white gloves on dark fingerboard is helpful for me to see exactly what is then just burn it into memory..
    Harmonizing the major scale and arpeggiating all the way up and down is what im doing
    I had to slow the speed down to see how your doing it all in one position MOST AWESOME LESSON Completely opens my head to thinking like a bassists vs a guitarist playing bass..
    I also take what you just showed me back to guitar hope you dont mind me running with that..

    Fantastic man !

  11. MmmMDOM min min7b5 M harmonizing the major scale thanks for teaching the fingerings and proper names.

  12. Most of your videos are great Scott, but this one is just AMAZING! Fantastic exercise that will take weeks to master. Thank you.

  13. This is a lot of blah blah, and way too expansive for your average bass twat.

  14. I really do use the same fingering every other time. It depends on which socks I am wearing.

  15. Scott, can you tab this lesson out please

  16. Thank you for this teaching. This is really helpful for me right now. I'm surprised that I didn't think of these simple exercises yet! Focusing on one key (C major) for a while certainly seems like a good way to internalize the instrument. I've been doing it for about four weeks, and though I wish I was progressing faster, I am figuring it out.

  17. The plicken hand is best… lol

    Thank you very much

  19. Sound Laboratories / Sounds Right Sound

    Amazing!! I wish there were a tab component to follow along with. Thank you Scott!!

  20. Wish you had diagrams in your lesson hard to see your gloved hand and you move too fast. Then you go tangent and do something really fast and get lost.

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