Killing Me Softly – Roberta Flack – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (Easy Picking)

An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Roberta Flack song – Killing Me Softly (slide your capo down to the first fret to play in the same key as the original). Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: where you can find a song sheet for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here 🙂
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  1. Alan,  great lesson, one of my favourite songs that I've been trying to learn for a while now.Your lesson has opened up the song for me.  Thank you.p.s. there is currently a gap on YouTuibe for a good tutorial on playing "Change The World" by Eric Clapton – would be really great if you could fill the gap.

  2. Muito bom, adorei o método de ensino, muito agradável a melodia.

  3. Edina Marco Román

    Hi Alan, thank you for your teachings and keep going.

  4. Edina Marco Román

    perfect, thank you very much

  5. Muito bom…obrigada!

  6. i love how u play song and u have a lovely voice and lovely how u play

  7. Jesús Alberto González Large

    Thank you!!! From Colombia wishing you the best, and please try to do it with more songs 80's!!!

  8. Very nice man, been watching covers of this song trying to figure out how I want to play it. Definitely going with your version thanks!

  9. Очень здорово!) Спасибо большое!)

  10. Thanks!!!! really really thanks!!! I love this song !!!

  11. Perfect?

  12. you are great in teaching to play Guitar. what i will really like to learn is " i'm sorry by Tommy Reeve" but it seams there is Not a good Video tutorial on youtube here

  13. so nicely explained congrats!

  14. ricardo souza silva

    Really very good! I´m studing yours lessons.You are great teatcher thanks.

  15. gracias te pasaste eres super clarito

  16. owwyeahhh..
    killing me softly…
    my favorite song..
    thank you sir for making such easy to follow tutorial.. #Godbless

  17. Fingerpicking is a thousand times better than strumming , thank you , please try to make your tutorials more like this , fingerpicking .

  18. Muchas gracias por compartir, por tu tiempo y tus conocimientos!!! Saludos desde Guadalajara Jalisco, México!

  19. masa esa música e muito linda

  20. very nice idol, killing me softly omg!

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