Kina & Snøw – Get You The Moon // Easy guitar lesson (FREE TAB)

Easy guitar tutorial for beginners. Learn how to play Get You The Moon by Kina ft. Snow.

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EasyGuitarTube is a channel for guitar lovers. Here you’ll find guitar tutorials, acoustic covers, free guitar TABS, guitar lessons, fingerstyle guitar covers and much more.

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Fingerstyle Guitar & Guitar Lessons
Guitarra Fingerstyle & Tutoriales de Guitarra
Fingerstyle Уроки Гитары и Гитары
Fingerstyle-Gitarren- und Gitarren-Tutorials
Fingertyle Guitare & Tutoriels Guitare
جيتار الأصابع ودروس الغيتار
फिंगरस्टाइल गिटार और गिटार सबक
Fingerstyle Chitarra e Lezioni di Chitarra
Guitarra Fingerstyle e Tutoriais de Guitarra

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  2. Urs is tuned different

  3. I can't do this . Because my strings doesn't make the correct sound . Can u teach me how to set tuner ?

  4. Foxy zorritoplayer

    What's the tempo?

  5. Hey it doesn't sound right is it on standard or what?

  6. The Pro Gamer Like

    Can you show me guitar chords from you

  7. I was just thinking of it for 5 seconds and boom! I already mastered it. THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHH Iloveyou <3

    no homo btw

  8. so i'm a beginner.. and i dont know how to read music chords. so can you just add images for the chords?

  9. Your the best my dude i just learned it
    Its so easy

  10. Literally so easy thank you sm

  11. I wish there was a violin version

  12. I am download your video dude

  13. This chords are for the whole song?or just that part?

  14. gat yu de mun hahahaha

  15. What guitar are you using? please answer.

  16. thank you

  17. Easy thank youu

  18. Why my guitar sound different I'm begginer.

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