Knocking On Heavens Door – Bob Dylan – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (easy)

“Copyright music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Special Rider — for original, exclusive
performances by Bob Dylan, check-out the official channel at”

An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of Knocking On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan.
Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website where you can find a song sheet for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here 🙂
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  1. nice

  2. so beautiful song and playing mr. alan thank you :)

  3. you play and sing very hear in his voice the elvis music, you do not get out my mind.

  4. This is the first song I learned to play on my guitar, thank you :)

  5. hi, thank u for ur work 🙂 very usefull and clear. but ı have a question .. are they same rhythm at normal speed and part2 ? Firstly I played from part 2 ,that was okey and after that ı wanted to play with u from part 1 with normal speed. but it was nt same rhythm ı guess .maybe my fault? ı dont know. are they same 🙂 or my fault?:) can u help me please..

  6. Buen tutorial, eres un gran maestro. Gracias desde Perú.

  7. Best lesson on you tube tanks!!!

  8. Can you please do Freebird by Lynard Skynard?

  9. Денис Матвиенко

    Здорово! Спасибо! )

  10. Nice instructional video. You have a great voice and play with great feel. Thanks.

  11. Thanks, I'm a fan of yours from Philippines I learned a lot just watching your lesson.

  12. very clean and to the point

  13. Good video, but could you write down the strumming pattern for each chord? The arrows on the screen are a little confusing because the chords change while the strumming pattern on the screen still shows the pattern for the previous chord. It would help me a lot.

  14. Nice °D°

  15. His singing tho this is such a great song by dylan anyone could sing it and itd sound great to me

  16. ваня киселёв

    Very cool video ! 

  17. Klaudia Przebinda

    Best teacher on youtube

  18. Thanks a lot bud, very helpfull, and a lot of humility.
    Warm regards from France!

  19. Beautiful 

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