Knocking On Heavens Door Guitar Chords – Jimmy Dillon Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Knocking On Heavens Door Guitar Chords – Jimmy Dillon Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Knocking on Heaven’s Door is a song written and performed originally by Bob Dylan. The song has been covered by more performers than you could count, most famous among them, Eric Clapton. Knockin on Heaven’s Door is a folk rock classic played on every classic rock radio station around the world. It’s simplicity and dark, foreboding lyric make it a powerful musical statement and one that a lot of guitar players enjoy strumming on their acoustic guitars. Bob Dylan Knock, knock on Heavens door is an enjoyable song and the perfect beginners acoustic guitar song. In this Guitar Control online guitar lesson you’ll learn Knocking on Heavens door guitar chords and how to play them.

This is a great acoustic guitar lesson with legendary guitarist and blues guitar enthusiast Jimmy Dillon. Jimmy plays Knocking on Heavens Door for you and teaches you the chords of the song. The chords are all basic open chords in the first position, making Knocking on Heavens Door acoustic chords some of the easiest chords you can learn if you’re just getting started. This Bob Dylan song illustrates just how easy it is to write an incredible song with the most basic guitar chords. The best part is, if you’re new to playing guitar, just knowing how to play Knocking on Heavens Door guitar chords will give you all the chords you need to be able to play hundreds of other great songs. These basic guitar chords are the foundation for many of the popular songs you know and love.

The chords for Knocking on Heavens door in this Knocking on Heavens Door guitar lesson are ideal for beginners and this Bob Dylan acoustic guitar song offers a great opportunity for working on your strum patterns. In this Jimmy Dillon lesson, Jimmy shows you a basic acoustic strum pattern, but the song really does inspire you to play around with the rhythm and make it your own. If you love Bob Dylan or even if you’re just looking for an easy acoustic song to learn on guitar, this is the one. You’ll learn how to play Knocking on Heavens Door guitar chords, how to strum a Bob Dylan song on acoustic guitar, and how to learn basic chords you can use to play many other killer acoustic guitar songs. Grab your guitar and learn how to play Knocking on Heavens Door today. It’s a fun, highly popular song..


  1. Thanks Jimmy, the best lesson I`ve seen on this song.

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  4. Thanks so much Jimmy, I'm really digging the spicy tricks!

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