Know ONE Guitar Scale Form, Know Them ALL

In this video you will learn a mind-blowing guitar trick to help you know one scale form, know them all. Thanks for watching my friends! For more guitar help and free resources check out today.

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Thanks for stopping by and watching this video on learning how knowing one scale form helps you know them all.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and watching this video! Enjoy this lesson and let me hear your comments and feedback below. e 🙂

  2. That's a beautiful guitar.

  3. Trust u you don’t engender any confidence in anything u have done in the last ten minutes what a mess

  4. Thanks for eating my precious time and check your hair dude it’s like Einstein suffering from bikinis. Do u know how to play that thing or what

  5. R u kidding me I don’t get nothing if I gave u more money cud u help me

  6. Who is this guy and what the hell can 64 dollars a month that’s for what

  7. You. Can cut off my arms and sew in wings don’t make me a bird. Listen. Cutting of my nose and sew on a trunk doesn’t make you an elephant

  8. Do you have exercises for increasing speed? I have been playing daily for about 1.5 years and can play up and down the neck but not as fast as I'd like to. I can play rudimentary leads to nearly any song I find on YT but want more speed to get to the next level. Thanks. This technique for this form is fantastic by the way.

  9. Benjamin Ferguson

    0:01 sir what is that

  10. The B sting is evil. Seriously, just ask my mandolin.

  11. You are fantastic. Thank you so much for putting the effort in to make this video and provide it for free.

  12. the longer i watch the more tempting the free book gets haha

  13. Adrian Climacosa

    What are scales for, specifically pentatonic scales

  14. so helpful and you make it easy to understand! thank you!

  15. Thank you for help! Easy way to make this click for me!

  16. Wonderful video, thank you!

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