Know Your Arpeggios bass lesson by Scott Whitley

Know Your Arpeggios bass lesson by Scott Whitley

Exclusive lesson on the basics of arpeggios and why you NEED to know them!

Download the lesson notes here –

The information in this video will help you on your way to a better understanding of harmony & chord makeup, improvising & playing by ear.
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  1. If I was picking up the bass for very first time and looking for a practical way to get started, this video would be all I'd need. Excellent! Thank you Scott!!

  2. Great lesson. Thanks.

  3. Thanks bro….

  4. thanks brother this explains alot

  5. One of the best bass lessons ever. Not only teaches arpeggios and building chords but also really helps you to understand the relationship of the major and minor scales AND movement from chord to chord in the harmony. Thanks Scott!

  6. Really valuable lesson learnt, explained clearly and concisely. Even after years of playing it was nice to re cap on some basics, but great lesson all round. I also saw Scott play about three years ago with Steve cropper and the animals and he was superb, subscribed!

  7. great lesson heard this many time, first time it made sense

  8. awesome information!!

  9. Catherine Demorand

    Thank you very very much for your clarity and your generosity!

  10. I know all of this, but it never hurts to learn new ways of practicing and I have learned that here thanks to your concise lesson. Subscribed!

  11. Giancarlo De villa

    Thank you very much sir!! Very useful lesson.. Made me understand what arpeggios are..

  12. Amazing video !! very straight forward. the most useful bass lesson on YouTube! thank you !

  13. Just starting out playing bass again after a 30 year absence and finding your excellent teaching really helpful. I'm pretty woeful at the moment but it's guys like you posting videos like this that make YouTube such an unbelievable resource for help and information. Thank you for the video Scott.

  14. Ive learned something today. Thanks! And BTW, you look like Michael Chiklis :-)

  15. thank you very much!

  16. Catherine Demorand

    What a fantastic teacher!

    He is so clear and to the point, does not bore you with unnecessary talk. Exactly what I needed!

  17. fantastic lesson A+++

  18. Been a bass player for many years. Very well explained. Keep well.

  19. Thanks a lot!!

  20. Dennis Dunaway Bass Player Alice Cooper was a great bassist and used arpeggios in the early 70's Tom Hamilton  Bass Player Areosmith  was another who played arpeggios in Aerosmiths earlier work.

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