La Bamba guitar lesson

READ every body thinks its me but its not its Ben Lowry from vguitar lessons!1all rights go to v guitar copyright infringement intended


  1. You need to make more lessons, you're a TERRIFIC teacher!

  2. God Bless the English!!!!!!! You are a great teacher dude and I love that you are rocking the Mohawk!!!! Just a suggestion, I think at the end of the riff, you should end on a C note. So, the whole riff would be; GABCEDFAG, GBFFADC. I will share your video most definitely.

  3. This Guy is a really good teacher who makes the song so simple thanks.

  4. June V.S. TheWorld

    Best tutorial!!!

  5. I like this guy u can really tell he wants to help u learn:);)

  6. The 90s were so wrong

  7. Show off

  8. awesome

  9. This is just how a professor should be, you really know how to teach!

  10. the first three notes are called pick ups

  11. Why does he look like Steph Curry? (Just Saying) Thanks for the tutorial!

  12. Anyone in 2017?


  14. Thanks man.

  15. What a great video, perfectly done even for beginners 🙂

  16. Certainly joy …

  17. Yarelynn Soriano

    I learned this song 7 years ago with the help of this video! Wow the quality haha

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