La Villa Strangiato Guitar Lesson (Part 1) – Rush

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In this La Villa Strangiato guitar lesson video series, I will take you note-for-note through this instrumental masterpiece by Rush.

There are 12 sections total to this epic piece of music, so because of that, I have broken the tutorial up into two separate videos. The first video will cover the entire song minus Alex Lifeson’s two guitar solos. In the second video lesson, I will tackle those two solos.

I will call out the minute and second mark as well as the name of each section I am covering during the course of the lesson.

This instrumental starts with a cool flamenco style guitar intro. I will grab my nylon string acoustic for that part of the lesson.

For the rest of the track, I will use my strat and take a look at every section of the song in the order that each appears.

If you ever get this song down in it’s entirety, please send me a video link of you playing it. It is quite the accomplishment! #lavillastrangiatoguitarlesson #rush #guitarcovers

Enjoy! Carl
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  1. Greg Pinsonneault

    I cannot thank you enough for doing this!!

  2. Any Colour You Like

    Why everyone want 2112?? In my opinion, this is rush's best song

  3. Clayton McDonald

    Hey Carl, I looked up your most recent upload to say Thank you. I have played for 30 years, really, and never had a lesson. In the last 1.5 years, You have really Helped Me progress, and reach a level I didn't think I could. Playing these song's until it's smooth, from G.N.R to Zeppelin. I have gained these different styles. I free styled for like 3-4 hours the other night. My wife of 15 years, says" I don't think You realize how far you have come to Me. Thank You Very Much!

  4. Can you please do freewill by rush!!?!!???

  5. Home sweet home from motley crue please

  6. Sounds incredible Carl!

  7. Please do more Rush songs. I know how to play most of them, but it's awesome to see a professional show us exactly how they did it. Thanks so much for the great work!

  8. can u make guitar lesson for alter bridge-open your eyes

  9. Will you please do a tutorial on dollar bill by the screaming trees

  10. "The Monster Part" = "Powerhouse by Raymond Scott"…or as I like to call it. "The Bugs Bunny Part."

  11. I'm a little late but can you do Cities on Flame by Blue Oyster Cult?

  12. Think you could do the solo lesson for "I am free" by Kipelov? That's
    one kickass solo, but it's not very popular since it's a russian band. I
    tried to learn it by ear, but it seems a little too complicated, so
    really could use some Carl Brown magic here! Thanks a lot for your vids
    and kudos from mother Яussia 🙂

  13. Hey Carl lover your channel! Could you please make a guitar lesson on temple of the dogs wooden jesus, or other temple of the dog songs?

  14. Wow. Great job, great tune!

  15. Dust And Moonlight

    Thank you for making videos. It really helps me as a guitarist. Without you I would have never learned Pull Me Under by Dream Theater (a song two months later, I still can’t play the solo parts at full speed but still your lesson helped me learn) One day I hope to be as good as John Petrucci, and I hope you continue to make lessons of the classic rock/metal bands I love. It has helped me immensely, also I know you probably won’t do it anytime soon since you JUST did a Rush song, but 2112 would be freaking awesome. Honestly Rush, Dream Theater, Yes, King Crimson, and advice on how to solo like John Petrucci would be super appreciated. Thank you for making these I hope you have a great day!

  16. carl, the hotel california 3 part lesson is taken down.

  17. Sebastiahn Kyle

    can u make a instrumental cover for Happy Happy by TWICE :>

  18. Can you do a lesson on Glazin- The Jacuzzi Boys

  19. I will make a request ,can u make a tutorial on a song called a song for lovers of long ago by Justin Vernon
    It’s a great song and I think people will like it 🙂

  20. Thank you (:

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