Lady Antebellum – I Need You Now – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How to Play

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  1. i just got my guitar and this is the first song im trying to learn , and i chose this video cause you break it down to tardo level so even i can understand it , awesome vid bro i appreciate 🙂 day 2 and i can finally play the verse LMAO

  2. thank you…one question please..are you using a soft or firm pik?

  3. just a kiss lady antebullum please marty

  4. This kinda sucks, cause in the title it says easy for beginners, but then it's expected that we know what an embellishment is and how to do one, and how the f am I meant to know when to do embellishments if you are doing it so fast and I can' see a fucking thing, cause his hands are so far away

  5. U forgot the bridge!!

  6. did you notice that his hands are reddish

  7. sign me up for the book

  8. sign me up

  9. Thanks! Just what I needed!

  10. But if you out the capo on the fourth it's not an F chord anymore

  11. good lesson marty i watch you a lot 63 years old trying to learn guitar not very good ,hard to keep rythm and time ,glad you included time really helps to make song sound good ,good lesson thanks for your time

  12. Thank you,, Ive learned a lot from you 🙂

  13. love this video,so easy to follow 🙂

  14. Love it!! Nice and easy!!!

  15. we need to grab a beer sometime, my treat.

  16. Is that divided by 13 amp in the back good for Acoustics like what you are playing now or is it strictly an electric guitar amp?

  17. as usual, no help on the left hand

  18. thank you Marty. You helped me 100 time…

  19. Would it still sound the same without a capo?

  20. Hey Marty, great song !! awesome lesson to, feeling a bit blue atm, just had a fight with my bro on his bucks night of all things, so this song fits the mood

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