LADY BIRD – Chord Melody Jazz Guitar LESSON – Guitar Tutorial

Guitar LESSON on LADYBIRD. Detailled & well explained. Chords + melody simultaniously. TABS available. Intermediate level.

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Welcome to my guitar tutorial on Lady bird. Many students keep asking me how to play Ladybird on guitar. Well, here is my chord melody arrangement on it.

Included are the Lady bird guitar chords, the Ladybird melody and it’s all played at once, this is called chord melody.

This Lady bird guitar lesson is an intermediate tutorial. The guitar chords aren`t really hard to play, but the tempo is the challenge here. That’s why I consider it to be an intermediate guitar lesson.

I also made the Lady bird guitar TABS for this tutorial, which can be downloaded from the above links.

I hope you like my Lady bird chord melody jazz guitar lesson.
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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂
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  1. Marry me Sandra. I wanna be your dog!!!

  2. Thanks – another nice lesson.

  3. James Margulis

    Your channel is awesome! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Highly appreciated.

  4. Pickles Presents

    I'm just going to cut and paste "Fantastic as Usual' to save time in the future.

  5. Emlyn Griffith

    Another great lesson. I'm learning many new songs here. Thanks a lot!

  6. Pertti Taivainen

    Nice Thanks !

  7. Alexander Altago

    nice song, great lesson! thx, sandra

  8. Kenneth Guitar

    Thanks, great lesson. Love your videos!

  9. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    I like it, but this is faaast, wow!

  10. Schpotzl Zwergl

    Hoping for lady birds soon to come out. It's so damn cold here in the north. Great song! Thanks.

  11. Great stuff. Each of the first two melody phrases ends on the #11 eg E over the Bb7, A over the Eb7. Also for the last melody note g you could keep it in the melody for each chord in the turnaround.

  12. ron here……Your the best teacher….thank you so much for your time

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