“Lady Madonna” Beatles Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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How to play The Beatles 1968 classic “Lady Madonna” on the guitar. in this tutorial I’ll break down how to perform Paul McCartney’s piano lines on the guitar. This acoustic guitar lesson is complete with lyrics, chord diagrams and tabs, Let’s get started!

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  1. Very nice!

  2. very very basic.. i was playing a version of that when i was 15 and my version was way ahead of that nonsense !! he thkns its good but its not !!! living in his own world

  3. Great lesson man! I love that you seem to have so much fun while playing!

  4. I think that A major on the 5th fret sounds the best when you slide up F major G major A major

  5. can you explain the little improve outro when you slide up and do something just before the 9-10-11-12 on the e string? Thanks & great lesson.

  6. I love the way you say hope. You're a great teacher too!

  7. haircut looks good! enjoy your lessons

  8. fantastic my friend.

  9. can you teach "the scientist" by cold play

  10. do you think you can do a tutorial on stairway to heaven by led zeppelin

  11. Make it home by hoodie allen and kina grannis

  12. Could you do a lesson on Please Mr. Postman please. Thank you:)

  13. can u teach you beautiful by james blunt w/ a capo on the 8th fret

  14. Great lesson. I like how you play the song first and then break it down. That way you can see ahead of time what you are doing. Thanks for posting this one.

  15. Hey Rob, great lesson as usual. Do you think you could do a lesson about unwanted string noise during soloing and how to stop it? Keep on making good stuff!

  16. you are great.

  17. James Wong Chin Chean

    i wish i can play like that someday… currently still working hard on barre chord

  18. Jack Johnson-talk of the town

  19. One of my life-time favorites ever! Great lesson.

  20. Aaron Ratterman

    Really great lesson!

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