Lambada – Easy Guitar melody tutorial + TAB Guitar lesson
Lambada – Easy for beginners, learn how to play on guitar.
Lambada is a dance from Brazil.The dance became internationally popular in the 1980s.
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  1. Wrong notes

  2. Napraznicul Elias

    No one cares about Karjas, no one heard about them for 8 years until Kaoma makes her version

  3. Lưu Chấn Bảo

    Ko hay

  4. Mauricio Daniel Quinteros Gutierrez

    the original song is group of "kjarkas" from Bolivia the name of song is "llorando se fue"

  5. Jonnathan Izquierdo

    noes lambada la camcion sellama llorando se fue de los karjas

  6. Bien 🙂

  7. Like, GOOD

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