“Land of G7” Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson

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  2. did you lose weight?

  3. Love the content Marty. How about some JJ Cale, specifically Let me Do it to You. Can't find that online anywhere and it's a funky grove and some nice licks in it.

  4. While this video has been amazing, I'm still waiting on my top 10 hat reviews video!

  5. can you do 'trains' by porcupine tree. It would be so helpful.

  6. Red Haired beauty

    Love the video Marty but can you do Mac demarco still beating

  7. I love the guitar 🙂 !

  8. Tasty! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Arne Kristian Olsen

    Would like to see some rainbow-since you been gone

  10. Francisco Garcia

    Could you please do "Stranger things have happened" by the Foo Fighters please?

  11. Marty you should do a video on "yer blues" by john lennon/the Beatles

  12. Could you heaven and hell by sabbath? I cant find a good tutorial

  13. ……..you the man.

  14. ok how do you mute the A string

  15. After seeing your nice Taylor guitar it makes me want one. just may have to get one. good lesson as usual.

  16. Great lesson and teacher, your stuff is so accessible for beginners, love it.

  17. hey Marty! when will this course be available on guitarjamz.com

  18. Beatrice Vinassa

    Hey Marty, I love your lessons!! Keep doing this!
    Also, can you do a tutorial on Led Zeppelin's Bron-y-aur stomp? Thank you!

  19. Over the hills and far away part 2?

  20. Teach us JERRY GARCIA!!!

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