Landslide – Fleetwood Mac – Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar Lesson (SB-426) Lindsey Buckingham

Landslide - Fleetwood Mac - Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar Lesson (SB-426) Lindsey Buckingham

In this acoustic guitar lesson we’re checking out how to play Landslide by Fleetwood Mac, written and sung by the amazing Stevie Nicks, awesome finger style by Lindsey Buckingham. Big thanks to Salena for singing with me for the demo at the start!

This song is from the JustinGuitar Vintage Songbook:

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  1. Great cover, both of you have wonderful talent!

  2. Jackie Schultz

    Oh Justin, this was one of my husband's favorite songs.He passed away this month.
    How's Lil Viv doing? Please post some pictures.
    Love from Michigan

  3. HonkIfYouLoveHonking

    Lindsey Buckingham is one of America's greatest musical geniuses ever.Stevie Nicks is also one.

  4. Michael Tulloch


  5. just out of curiosity on the picking pattern, why shift down the thumb as opposed to using the index finger?

  6. song book

  7. what is the title of his song back that has finger picking in tab for Blackbird? Does anyone have this information to share/

  8. the hardest part seems to be at 10:00 for those who have never tried a generic fingerstyle pattern but Justine is the number ONE in every guitar lesson

  9. Brian nicklehymer

    thank you soo much, Justin. please keep up the good work, Holmes

  10. hubdubite burleson

    Hey guys, after watching this, you should watch Justin perform "Pity the Rose!" live! Its beautiful! The acoustic is phenomenal!

  11. You look like Billy Zane

  12. hubdubite burleson

    Gosh you make it look sooooo easy!!! I feel like there's something wrong with me, lol!! No worries, I'll keep trying to learn this song.

  13. hubdubite burleson

    Thank you Justin!

  14. 8:18 I would count 1e+a 2e+ as 1+ 2+ 3+ 4 and then measures line up with chord shapes and bass notes all fall on the beat.

  15. What is the ladies name that is singing . Brother how rude !

  16. riccardo albanese

    lindsey how we say in Rome ' fattela na risata'

  17. Damn Justin, who's the babe?

  18. Beautiful singing.I had to listen to it ten times in a row, for some reason. Lindsey, you did a nice job too.

  19. Justin, Awesome lesson as usual. Nice to see your accurate song lessons in the midst of so many garbage lessons on youtube.

  20. a bit fast.

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