Last Dance With Mary Jane guitar lesson – Tom Petty

Last Dance With Mary Jane guitar lesson - Tom Petty

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Last Dance With Mary Jane is an easy tune to mimic using just a handful of open chords. Can easily be played on electric and acoustic. However, to learn it exactly as recorded is a little more difficult. There are some intricacies in the intro that can take some time to grasp.
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  1. nice

  2. Very nice! Thank you for the very thorough lesson. Spot on!

  3. Good stuff- many thanks

  4. Love your triple-view video!

  5. Excellent

  6. It’s actually called. Mary Janes last dance not last dance with Mary Jane. But very good tutorial

  7. Now why did Tom raise the pitch 1/4 note sharp? Just to mess with us? lol

  8. Thanks for taking time to show the fills!!

  9. Too much jabbering

  10. the MTV video of this was gross. Mary Jane was dead in a morgue and Tom Petty came by to do sine necrophilia…

  11. You are a good teacher, make more videos. Thanks

  12. This was the best lesson of MJ's last dance I found on Youtube. Great audio and video. Keep up the great work.

  13. Best lesson yet…Thanks!

  14. Soutern Star Guitar ******]

    "Mary Janes Last Dance"

  15. Funny but I have that same guitar, same color.

  16. Jeffery Montoya

    Awesome becuz so thourogh.

  17. Thank you for taking the time to show us how to play this great song the correct way. I'm so over wasting time with Clowns on YouTube saying… "It sorta goes like this" or
    "I think that's kinda close" REALLY??????? Once again Thank you! I also find the way you have the upside neck to be extremely helpful.

  18. Hi, and Congratulations you have the best Last Dance instruction video on you tube. I checked out all the rest and this is light years away from them. I only have one comment…..If you played the whole song at the beginning it would be extremely helpful. You make it very tempting to sign up for access to the 650 lesson library.

  19. nice lesson

  20. Johnny Bumpous

    Great lesson, Thanks…

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