Lauv – Like Me Better: Acoustic Guitar Lesson (Chords, TAB, Play-along)

Lauv - Like Me Better: Acoustic Guitar Lesson (Chords, TAB, Play-along)

Today we are looking at Lauv’s song Like Me Better on the acoustic guitar. I’ll show you an easy version, and a hard version and we can also look at playing the riff in the drop. There is a play-along at 20:35!

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  2. can u please make a tutorial for falling by Trevor Daniel?

  3. Bro you need to make a cover of this. Just covers in general. Like vocal ones.

  4. ❤❤❤

  5. make a cover ,plz!!!

  6. Such a nice lesson thank you so much for it I've learned the harder version ❤

  7. Wow after all this time you finally did this tutorial

  8. Thank god you made this tutorial, I'm starting to think you won't do this tutorial.

  9. The Clueless Uploader

    Damn this is so good!

  10. I love this song

  11. Gazab bhencho

  12. Yay I'm the first one to comment and like

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