Layla Electric Guitar Lesson – learn how to play Layla, the electric intro to this famous song by Derek and the Dominos, featuring Eric Clapton. The first seven intro notes in this song were actually taken from another blues song, but adapted here to give a cool sounding electric guitar opening. These notes go by fast and there is string bending involved, and you must also make sure you are timed correctly to the power chord riff, as shown in the video.
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  1. thank you for this bro . between this and King of the hill theme we're ready to rock

  2. woo this is painful as hell haha thanks for the tutorial!

  3. I am a little slower playing this then the recording, but I believe the recording was sped up a little after, its higher than standard tuning!

  4. timing is just a bit slow, but that is one hard mofo to play, i remember learning it years ago and having the worst time on it

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