Layla Guitar Lesson – Derek and the Dominos – Eric Clapton – Famous Riffs

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Today’s famous riff comes from a relatively obscure guitarist named Eric Clapton when he was in a band called Derek and the Dominos.

Even though you have probably never heard of him, I think his signature riff that opens his song Layla is one that every guitarist must know. 😀

All joking aside, the intro to Layla by the imitable Eric Clapton provides an excellent exercise in legato, quick chord shifts, bending and vibrato.

You really have to work on the proper vibrato and bending technique to make the upper octave melody sing.

But because this is such a great song, working on it should be quite pleasurable to the ear throughout. 🙂

This Layla guitar lesson video starts with the famous opening riff in the lower octave. There are lots of moving parts to this riff so be sure to follow along with the video closely to see how to accurately play all of them.

After that we move to the upper octave riff section that is instantly recognizable and I personally never get tired of playing it.

Pay close attention to the timing of the hammer-ons and pull-offs since doing those too fast can throw off the rhythm. Then of course there is the responsibility of keeping all the bends in tune while still applying a nice vibrato to the notes.

All in all there are a few parts of this Layla guitar lesson that will challenge most players. But that is a good thing right? We are all here to get better and what better way than playing what is one of the greatest guitar based songs of all time. 🙂





  2. What amp do u use?

  3. What amp settings are you using

  4. Want to thank you so much for this lesson. I consider myself one of the luckiest people alive to learn from you. Thanks!

  5. what tuning? does it matter

  6. Would this sound good on a les paul

  7. sweet this guy can hear good tab people fuck this song up all the time


  9. Amp settings?

  10. Fingerboard area 101

    Thx mate just needed to relearn it even though I'm pretty young I'm still forgetful

  11. WOW!!! what is that for a guitar amplifier? The Sound is awsome!!!

  12. Carl Brown, you are a beast. Love the videos man, keep them coming!

  13. Carl Brown, you are a beast. Love the videos man, keep them coming!

  14. in the intro riff i can not pick the 6th note in time (the 3rd fret a string after the hammer-on and pull of on the d string) any tips :/?should i just hammer the 3rd fret but not pick it?

  15. Прекрасно! Просто прекрасно!! С урока "Moth Into Flame" меня занесло сюда, хотя собирался на "Hardwired". ОЧЕНЬ доходчиво всё объясняется!

  16. Zack Williamson

    please show to play everytime i die wanderlust the whole.thing i gkt most just by ear but its driving me fn crazy please show me


  18. thx, my high e string Broke…

  19. very clear and helpful thanks

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