Layla Unplugged Strum Along – Eric Clapton (Part 3/3) Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Part 1 – The Main Riff:
Part 2 – The Intro Solo:

This is Part 3 where we learn how to strum along to the verse and how to connect the whole song together. We learn a swing rhythm and how to apply it to a common strumming pattern. Also, there are plenty of chords in this one, including barre chords, so if you get overwhelmed don’t worry – just take it slowly, play the chord shapes with downstrokes only and then try to add the strumming pattern when you’re ready.



  1. Michał Czerwiński

    great tut!

  2. Hey James … great lesson man … been with ya through all 3 lessons on Layla … was wondering what model Taylor guitar are you playing … it sounds great … thanks again man

  3. you are great on layla

  4. TerryNKaren Newcomb

    what a great job

  5. Der Steppenwolf

    Thank you, James, great job! If you could also teach the 2nd solo, that would be the greatest

  6. Millennium Corp

    The best tutorial on Layla.
    Thank you.

  7. Do you have the strum patterns written out somewhere that is printable?

  8. You have really helped me a lot with my timing. Thank you so much!!!

  9. Anand Kothekar

    Hi James. First of all, many thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I can honestly say yours is one of the most useful tutorial, if not the most useful tutorial. I just have one request, though. Can you be so kind as to give a tutorial of the guitar solo of the same song? I'm dying to learn that. Many thanks once again. Looking forward to more videos.

  10. thanks a lot , this was really helpful

  11. congrat ! this is really interesting and easy to follow

  12. Man!!you are so goood….and nice

  13. best version on youtube thank you so much!!!

  14. Great lesson. now tuned into your site ,keep up the great lessons

  15. hey man your videos are phenomenal. Just wanted to give you some props for the great work. You explain things so well, and don't oversimplify.

  16. Vin D.L. Gutierrez

    how about the main solo part? why it's not given?

  17. good tutorial,  am able to play this now (somewhat) just have to get the solo down,thanks ….PEACE  george

  18. that is godd thank you…

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