Lead Guitar | 4 Techniques For Your Practice Routine

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Hey guys, Marty here with my Friday Technique lesson. Here’s 4 important things to quickly get better at soloing. Hope it helps!

Have a great weekend!
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  2. Talisman Groovemaker

    really helpful!

  3. Mathias Martinsen

    what type of picking did you do when you played te extended scale like really fast?

  4. then what you if you want to solo any song

  5. How does one learn about the extentions for scales?

  6. Very helpful! You fuckin rock bro

  7. Hello. You have no selector switch knob. I need to point this out.

  8. I'm an old guitar player Marty, 70 next year, and I've been watching your videos for a few years now. It's funny how a little thing can open up a big door, even at my stage in the game, btw, it's good to know that when you play the guitar, you never stop learning. Anyway, sliding up with the ring finger is a beauty, it's opened up a door for me, up till today I've just been moving my hand. I never knew about it, and I've played all kinds of music. So thank you, that'll keep me busy for a while. I subscribed today. Best wishes and kind regards, and a Happy New Year from Scotland.

  9. thanks for the great effort to share your knowledge on such techniques keep it up bro

  10. Love your lessons always the best thanks

  11. Schlumbucket Returns

    Old Marty can't even play in time with a backing track!

  12. tab for pattern at 3:40?

  13. You're a fabulous player. I love your tutorials.

  14. Gettin it

  15. Breakthrough!

  16. Born under a bad sign ❤️

  17. Benjamin Austnes Narum

    (This is not aimed towards Marty or his brilliant teaching)

    One thing I spend a lot of time thinking on… With the plethora of knowledge readily available for us on the internet, how does it affect our learning, development, and progress? Take learning how to play guitar for this example; will we have loads of musicians sounding the same, due to them favouring certain teachers? Is developing your "own voice" more difficult, since we have step-by-step progression, and "do this, and don't do that" videos? Many of the greatest tones, styles and those playing them, made this discovery by not having every question answered with the click of a button.
    Since a lot of character is added in the early stages of learning, will "learning it all" from the get-go hinder exploration?

    Or, do you think we're at a new stage in development? Ever since we got recorded music, through recordings, radio, and tv, people began copying their favourite players, thus taking on their "sound". Since we now have a more "open" teaching platform, will we explore MORE?

    I guess I'll know the answer in 5-10 years, when the new generation of musicians emerge. But I'm interested in what you guys, and what Marty, think about this.

  18. Just can’t thank you enough.
    I was just stuck, lost and confused about. How to practice lead guitar ( I’m 64 and working my way back into playing music) (bass)….want to be good on playing lead.

    You got me back on track

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