Lead Guitar Lesson – Easy Trick for Sounding Pro!

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Hello friends,
and welcome back to Swiftlessons for another lead guitar tutorial! In today’s session I’ll be breaking down the concept of “stacking,” a simple, but powerful technique used by virtually every professional level guitarist. We’ll begin by learning a minor pentatonic stacking exercise, before tackling a blues/rock lick that employs this technique. Let’s get started!

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  1. So nice man! It is not Nike but just do It!!! Always excelent work!!!! I learn so much with you. The best regards from Brazil.

  2. Predictability is so blasé! Nice lick, I got it.

  3. Awesome lesson. I need to mix up some of my soloing techniques and this should help a lot! Thanks so much! By the way, the long “o” sounds in your accent make me feel like I’m back home in the Philly area. Cheers!!

  4. Awesome Idea! I am for sure gonna add that to my practice.

  5. Great lessons here!

  6. For some reason I always run off into the fun zone over and over when I watch your videos ….lol
    I get what you're teaching and a lil extra something gets funned in Everytime …thanks ;0)

  7. Thanks for another useful advice, appreciate !

  8. Shay Mc Cormack

    Thanks for another great lesson dude. Great fun playing better already.

  9. Thank you sir!

  10. You really sound like a pro. Good lesson!

  11. Hello I like your chanell it's helped me a lot

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