Learn a classic fingerstyle blues composition on guitar – Fingerstyle blues guitar lesson – EP257

In this fingerstyle guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a blues composition in the key of E. I’ll also explain where all of the notes come from so that you can create your own compositions like this one.

To view the Part 2 video, and download the tablature for this composition, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/fingerstyle-blues-guitar-lesson-solo-composition-key-e-ep257/
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  1. Do you anchor your pinky against the guitar or rest the heel of your palm against the bridge or keep your right h
    and "floating"? Looks like you are resting your heel against the bridge.

  2. Damn I love blues compositions in E. Great job again bud. I’ll put this one on the list. Right now going through ep065 and 066

  3. Some great chords in here-good to see in an E blues

  4. Андрей Невоград

    Брайн знает каким уроком побаловать своих учеников ! Спасибо

  5. Hi Brian thanks for an excellent blues finger style lesson. Wish you'd been around when I first started except there was no such thing as the internet, giving my age away now ha ha

  6. Zachary Krauss

    Love it. A thousand thumbs up if I could. Please keep these comin. I will catch up in my retirement one of these years.

  7. Hi,Brian!!
    Excelent lesson!!
    Did you add a pick up in your Martin CEO 7 ?

  8. İbrahim Torlakçı

    Guitar series ?

  9. наталья туренко

    BEST!!!!! BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!

  10. Beg to the Roots

    Thanks Brian! Very very good voicings!!!!!!

  11. DirtyBluesStank

    Another great piece. Thank you.

  12. Hot damn that's tasty

  13. Francisco Rojas

    Genial como siempre. Thanks a lot!!

  14. Jaffa MusicMan

    Awesome, great lesson………….:)

  15. This is a good one Brian, Thanks.

  16. Best lesson in a while, not that there are any bad ones.. but this is choice

  17. this has to be a song 0:00

  18. What guitar you got there? Looks like you can wrap your body around it. Cool ✔

  19. EXCELENTE (y)

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