Learn a soulful blues guitar lead in this gospel style blues guitar lesson – EP252

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a fun, soulful blues lead over a gospel style chord arrangement.This is played in the key of G but I’ll show you how to use these licks in any key.

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video, download the tablature, and the MP3 jam track for this guitar lesson, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/soulful-blues-lead-played-gospel-style-chord-progression-blues-guitar-lesson-ep252/
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  1. Андрей Невоград

    Ура . Новое видео ! Спасибо, Брайн .

  2. Tell me about your b& g guitar….sweet sounding…very warm

  3. I’m horrible

  4. Beautiful and informative as usual

  5. Thank you so much, you help me connect the dots on guitar playing. You are a patient teacher…thanks

  6. Amazing lesson and really great sound

  7. I don't know what you mean that a lick is ancored to a cord.

  8. Nice !!

  9. William Castleberry

    That's a great sounding little guitar

  10. Escape the Matrix

    Before you purchase a BNG guitar, you should know that it's an Israeli company, in case you honor the BDS, as I, and many others do.

  11. Should sound nice, that’s a high $$ geetar. I like their Blue one ♣️

  12. ThumbsUp CHANNEL

    Your guitar are very different from other.. sir

  13. PurpleLightning6was9

    What kind of guitar is that?

  14. i like this… wtg

  15. Great tone!

  16. As usual, THE best lessons. I love this.

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