Learn Acoustic Guitar lesson embellish open cowboy chords

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Learn Acoustic Guitar lesson embellish open cowboy chords – In this lesson you will learn some awesome techniques and devices to spice up and embellish your chord playing – enjoy from Next Level Guitar.
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  1. I love this. Definitely gonna try it tomorrow after work.

  2. i want the kind of music that i hear in western movies

  3. Long before there was guitarjamz!

  4. I've been playing for over 30 years, and those tips were awesome! You validated the ones I knew and showed me new ones. Em pent = G maj pent in the context of open chords in G — mind blowing

  5. your an awesome teacher…..how about a cowboy lesson…….this ol cowboy

  6. It was an awesome video.
    Can you pls make one on old western music lesson

  7. Mr Rut thanks you, Marty.

  8. cooooollll

  9. Loved this …lot…nice one man…

  10. I am so glad i found this lesson. Thank you, it helped a lot.

  11. May the Schwart's be with you.

  12. Im actually doing this on an electric guitar… sounds badass!

  13. Wow. Did you go to music school! 

  14. you've helped me  big time .Thanks you so much

  15. BRAVO ! 

  16. wow u rockd again sir…ds s jst wt i needed

  17. You helped me so much, marty

  18. Marty the Legend !

  19. epic teaching style bud

  20. I have a masters in music performance…on the trumpet though, ugh.

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