Learn an slow and melodic guitar lead – blues and country licks – Easy guitar lesson – EP269

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn a slow and soulful guitar lead that is made up of both blues and country guitar licks. This lesson is designed to help you understand the importance of phrasing (knowing WHEN to play is just as important as WHAT)

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video, as well as download the tablature and the MP3 jam track for this guitar lesson, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/slow-melodic-lead-guitar-lesson-learn-soloing-relative-minor-chord/
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  1. Wow I’m blown away! So Nic to have someone explaining the theory behind it so clear! Thanks much! X

  2. Probably the best teacher on u- tube!

  3. Noddy Holder fan?

  4. Great stuff to practice for the next week. Thanks Brian! What year is your 335?

  5. Андрей Невоград

    Ох,уж эти бэнды !!!

  6. Really nice feel like David Gilmour and this cool lesson enjoyed!

  7. Another great lesson, just wish I had had these lessons sixty years ago. Thanks Brian

  8. Outstanding, Brian. I can see myself breaking this down into the individual licks and spending about the next two weeks hammering them into my head and fingers. Your ability to explain and emotional connection to the music are sublime. Thank you.

  9. anyone wanting good solid lessons….this is the man to get you on the road….big thumbs uo

  10. I Wish you would Do A Lesson on how to make them backing Tracks ! Nice Sound Thanks

  11. Hi Brian just like to say what a great move using the jam track to play along with the lesson your site gets better and better thanks for being here . Kind regards Glyn .

  12. Sounds so hendrixy R&B smooth. Liked it. This is the style i really like. Thanks for this one.

  13. Wow! You give the best lessons and can play amazing!!

  14. Always admire the stuff you post Brian, thank you

  15. If I wasn't on a fixed retirement income and didn't have vehicle maintenance this month, I would join. Gotta stay on budget.

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