Learn Bass – 4 fret technical exercise

Lesson 7
An exercise to coordinate the two hands and get them working together as one unit.

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Lessons 6 — 10

Learning the basics of the Music Language and applying them on Instrument in a way to develop your Technique.

Sharing knowledge and experience with other musicians is a great way to improve and stay motivated, but it’s essential to communicate in a way that other musicians understand.
In this series you’ll quickly learn the basics of the musical language to give you the knowledge and confidence of associating frets with actual musical notes. Along the way you’ll also be introduced to some exercises to further challenge and develop your technique and set you on your way to mastering the instrument.
Please don’t think that these early lessons are just for the beginner, as Richie shares a wealth of information, advice and some concepts that can help even the seasoned player!


  1. Would you consider it "wrong" or inadequate to use three fingers like Sheehan for the plucking instead of the two? Reasoning is, I was convinced by that technique and am only starting to develop muscle memory (beginner level) so why not start directly with three? Also, for that 3 finger technique, weird thing is that the leading finger is the ring finger (3-2-1) as opposed to the 1-2 method that is shown in here

  2. Great exercise!

  3. I want to see you in heaven on that day.

  4. Noah Petherbridge

    So you say to keep the hands relaxed, but also to use this hand position that aligns your fingers. I HAVE to tense my hands and wrist up to stretch my 4 fingers across 4 frets for like, the first 7 or so frets.

    Obviously, I'm gonna keep trying, just in hopes that it improves. But is that normal? Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Eish guys am still struggling with this pinkie… Yerreh 2019

  6. Good info but this dudes fingers seem creepy long.

  7. 40 yr old trying to play bass hmmm.. But great lesson great job

  8. Pinky? All my fingers hurt cant really identify which one hurt the most.

  9. marked for learning

  10. Geoff Cartridge

    I just got a new bass after I sold my Vox Clubman 50 years ago. Yes, I am 69! With arthritis and crackling joints I am struggling with getting fingers, especially pinky on the frets. But I am getting there….slowly. Have to try to looses up those joints! But this is the teacher I should have had years ago. He is good…..really good. So thanks for putting these lessons out there. By the time I get to 80 I will be able to play something…lol

  11. OMG! Thank You for this video. I am an absolute beginner and had been struggling with my finger placement on the fretboard and basically, I thought it was going to be almost impossible for me to learn it. But your video was excellent at breaking it down and giving me a great starting point to then build on.

  12. This is extremely challenging if you're not blessed with long slender fingers as yer man in the video. No matter how much you practice.

  13. Thanks for the cools videos man but you really need to get some sleep

  14. print("great forearm exercise! now i know, thanks")

  15. The 'keep it up and I'll see you soon' made me go 'thanks, mate!' – Good series.

  16. kirstie kinnaird

    Learning for music in school and my bro has one so I get to use his and omg I can’t relax my hand

  17. Nice exercise idea to develop dexterity and stamina too. Thank you.

  18. Thanks a lot , Teacher

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