Learn Bass – Grooving with Pentatonic Scales

Richie Blake explains and shows the importance of the Pentatonic scale

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  1. This guy reminds me of Grian, that guy who makes Minecraft videos.

  2. great lesson..thanks

  3. parabens pelo trabalho,que DEUS abencoe !!!!

  4. wow im not understanding anything at all. send help.

  5. The metronome is really loud, overall tho great chord education

  6. The metronome is really loud, overall tho great chord education

  7. Good lesson!

  8. Those were the chords for Sunday morning by maroon 5

  9. lovely thanks.

  10. Improvise as in solo? Straight up solos are boring. The bass line in Wonder's "Sir Duke" is one of the stupidest riffs in all pop music. Pentatonic, Schmentatonic. You ain't teaching feel, dude. You don't play along with anyone's records so all your verbose BS is just that. You guys never teach to playing music as a rhythm player, the bassist's primary function.

  11. nice lesson simple and soft
    am a beginner want u to mentor me

  12. vodkandtonic

  13. Lady Marmalade by La Belle?

  14. Thank you!

  15. this blokes voice does my head in..he mentions personality but he hasn't got one

  16. j'aime ça

  17. This is brilliant! Thanks so much for posting this! 🙂

  18. Great video, thank you!

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